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#1 Fitness Blog!
Great Ab exercises to get rid of that muffin top! #2 is my fav!


#1 Fitness Blog!

Great Ab exercises to get rid of that muffin top! #2 is my fav!

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Motivation: What do you do when you lose almost a hundred pounds?

I’m a very goal oriented person. I live by deadlines, checklists, graphs, analysis, etc. I like things that are black and white. I like knowing what is and what is not allowed in my life. So last year I decided to do the Cohen Program — a very rigid but simple weight loss program that promises fast weight loss if you change your lifestyle. And it worked, I lost 95 lbs in over a year, although I have gained 18 lbs since graduating because of a few indulgences (alcohol, sweets, carbs and what not). The good thing about the program was that they give you a guideline that you can use for the rest of your life. You gain a few pounds, you just follow the program for a few days and lose the weight again. BUT its easier said than done. I realised that once I started tasting or indulging in my favourite fast foods, it was hard to go back. Yes, there are days where I just want my favourite spicy chicken joy or a slice of cheesecake or a box of Pepero (i loooove Pepero)…but after a few days I get sick of the artificial taste and yearn the food that I enjoyed during my Cohen Program. Clean food — protein, fruits and vegetables.

Wanting to lose what I have already gained, I’m on a detox to clean my system and hopefully get back on track. It’s my second time to do a 5-day detox. On my first try, I completed the 5 days without any solid food intake. I felt amazing and light but my objective at that time was to remove any toxins I had in my body because of my unhealthy lifestyle (too much alcohol, smoking, etc). I lost 10 lbs but as everyone knows, losing weight is not a good objective when doing a detox since you’ll gain it all back when you start to eat “normal” again. Now, I’m on my day 4 of my detox, was not totally clean during this period. Had a dinner on day 2 and ate fruits for day 3 - 4. What I did notice was that it gave me energy to exercise so that was great. I’m doing this 30 day ab & squat challenge just to keep things moving. I’m sure I’m not going to get abs just by doing this though. ;)

Phase 2

Just to keep myself on track, I will dedicate this blog to my fitness goals. I’m half way there and all I need is a little push. Might post before and after photos, I’m not really sure, but I’ll try to keep this updated with my fitness adventures.

The goal is not to be thin and not to have a six pack. My goal is to be healthy and happy.

I’m excited, let’s do this!


Movie Stars Revisit Their Famous Role

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Happy Monday. May Tired Terry be an inspiration to us all.


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